Charity Bridge Drive
The magnificent sum of 900 was presented to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution following ou Charity Bridge Drive on March 3. A great deal of work was put in by the
organisers to achieve this. RNLI

Competition Winners 2009 - 2010

Millennium Competition - 2010
This was won by Roy Waddington. Dorothy Slater won in the Handicapped Section.

Ladies' and Men's Pairs - November 2009
Pam Cox and Julia Newall were the winners of the Ladies Pairs and David Briggs and Michael Tomlinson won the Men's Pairs.

The Cockett Pairs - 6 November 2009
was won by Lynn and Paul Hepworth

Pendle Witches Tournament 2009
The prizes were presented by Alan Crabtree (Treasurer).
The Winners of the Ron Morrish Trophy and first prize were Ken Hassell and Ian Kane.
Winners of the second prize were Ollie Burgess and Catherine Draper.
Winners of the third prize were David Briggs and Michael Tomlinson.
Winners of the Middle Expert Trophy were Lillian Wharfe and David Spencer.
Second place middle experts were Geoff Wharfe and Brian Hartley.
The Non-expert Trophy was awarded to Mike Scarffe and Roy Jameson.
The first session prize was won by David Pendlebury and Judith Brearley and the second session was won by Clive Henderson and Barrie Newall.

The Mono Maya Mitra Trophy - 1 September 2009
was won by Rosemary and Tony Price

The Fewster Rosebowl Competition - 26 August 2009
was won by David Spencer and Pat Newcombe

A new Mixed Pairs Competition on 8 June 2009
was won by Rosemary and Tony Price

A multiple teams event was held on 27 May to introduce Wednesday Evening players to team play.

The event was seeded and was won by Norman Bourke, Maureen Ashton, Brian Pomfret and Mary Butterworth.

Spring Trophy - 5 May 2009

Brian Irlam and Carol Croasdale.

Nancy Newell Simple Systems Competition - 15 April 2009

This handicap-restricted competition was won by Harry and Beryl Ratford.

Swiss Teams - 5 April 2009

There was an excellent field of 14 teams.
The winners were : Ashley Rosen, Pam Cox,Sue Pell and Sheila Galloway
The runners-up were: Brian Irlam, Nihar Mitra, Eric and Pauline Holden.
The team who improved most in the second half were: John Spencer, etc

Annual General Meeting - 27 January 2009
It was decided that from 1 April 2009 table money should be increased to
2.50 (3.50 for visitors) for evening sessions and 2.00 (2.50 for visitors)
for afternoon sessions.
Agreement was also reached that the club would continue to be affiliated
to the EBU but that a vote would be taken at the end of 2010 to decide
whether to remain affiliated.
Elections: George Thornton - Chairman; Alan Crabtree - Treasurer;
Cynthia Wallbank and John Millar - committee members.  

Cockett Trophy - November 2008
Congratulations to David Briggs and Lynn Hepworth on winning this event.

Charity Bridge Competition - October 2008
A Cheque for 700 was presented to Pendleside Hospice

Pendle Witches Tournament 2008
The Winners of the Ron Morrish Trophy and first prize were Brian Irlam and Nihar Mitra.
Winners of the second prize were David Briggs and Mike Cragg.
Winners of the Middle Expert Trophy were Ashley Rosen and Pam Cox
The Non-expert Trophy was awarded to June Driver and Ann Entwistle.
Jenny and Jim Morris won the Ascenders' Prize
The first session prize went to Raymond Semp and Gary Hyett.
The Second Session was won by Rhona and Bernard Goldenfield.

Mono Maya Mitra Trophy - September 2008

Winners: Nihar Mitra and Russell Dent.

Fewster Rosebowl - August 2008

Winners: Rosemary Wilson and Janice Lee.