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Practice your weak two openings & responses 

Partner opens 2D & all are vul, what would you respond with these hands ? 

1. 2.  3.  4. 
AKJ10xx  KQJx Jxx AJ10  
Qx   Axx   Kx   Kxx
Ax   AQx   Kxxx   Kxx
Kxx   10xx   xxxx   AKxx

You open 2H at favourable vulnerability, partner responds 2NT. What is your next bid ?

5. 6.  7.  8. 
x   xxx   Qx   xxx
AQJxxx  QJ9xxx  AKxxxx   KQJ9x 
Jxx   Qxx   xxx   x
xxx   xx   Qxxx

You are the dealer, vulnerable & the opponents are not – which of the following hands would you open a weak 2 with ? 

9. 10.  11.  12. 
J10xxxx xxxx  AQ109xx Qxx
Qxxx   AKxxxx  x   Qxx
Ax   xx   Jxxx   Axxxxx
x   x   xx   x

Answers :


1. 3S – GF 2. 2NT, to look
for club stop.
3. 3D
4. 3NT
5. 3S – shortage
& max
6. 3C – shortage,
min or max. If partner
bids 3H we will pass
7. 3NT &dash bal and max 8. 3D - shortage
(yes, you can open 2H
with only 5, but only NV
and decent suit)
9. No, weak suit and 4H10. No, suit fine
but 4S too.
11. Perfect. Good suit
and singleton.
12. No, poor suit and good
holdings in majors.