Scoring at teams

Playing teams in bridge is the very best form of contract bridge. Because the most common form of club bridge is duplicate pairs it is important to understand the different scoring system in teams. 

There are 4 players or 2 pairs in each team of 4. When playing against another team you will commonly play 24 boards. One pair will play as N/S and the other pair will play as E/W. The 24 boards will be played by both pairs of the team usually by swapping the boards at intervals. 

So for any one given board your team will have played it both N/S and E/W. Each person keeps an individual record of his/her scores 

Let us imagine that as N/S you bid and made a non-vulnerable game and thus scored 420 points. Your E/W team mates defeated the game by 1 trick and therefore scored 50 points. At the end of the session you sit down with your team mates and add your scores for the board together. On this board the team scored a cumulative 470 points. 

Now you convert that score into IMPs (international match points) by using a chart at the bottom of most score cards. 

The chart goes as follows:  0-10 points  0 IMP

                        20-40 p 1 IMP

                        50-80 p 2 IMP  etc

So the score is scaled down using the chart. 

Another example: N/S do not bid a vulnerable game but make 10 tricks 170 points scored, E/W allow the game to be bid and made – 620 points. Total – 450 which is converted to – 10 IMPs, a large loss for not bidding a vulnerable game. If it had been a non-vulnerable game the loss would have been – 250 or – 6 IMPs. 

The last example: N/S bid and make 3NT (nv) with 1 overtrick = + 430 but the opposition bid and make 4H = – 420. A cumulative total of +10 points = 0 IMPs 

Then you total your IMPs for all the boards to see if you have won or lost the match.

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